Pluvia de herba: Drone lancea cannabe contra le prohibitionismo

🇪🇺 Un drone ha lassate pluver centenas de sacchettos de cannabe super Placia Rabin in le centro de Tel Aviv. Dies antea, activistas pro le fin del prohibitionismo e le legalisation del planta habeva promittite cannabe libere del alto, citante in rete le famose superviro: «Es il un ave? Es il un avion? No, il es le Drone Verde, inviante vos herba gratis ab celo!».

Le policia arrestava duo personas e iterava le message que le cannabe ad uso medic es consentite in Israel, ma le uso recreative es prohibite e illegal.

Le discurso de legalisation del cannabe es de novo multo presente tra le arenas politic europee, cum sempre plus crescente tendentia al acceptation social.

Que pensa voi re le legalisation del cannabe in UE?

🇬🇧 A drone deopped off bags of cannabis onto Rabin Square in downtown Tel Aviv. Earlier, activists seeking to put an end to prohibition and to legalise the plant promised free weed from the air, quoting online the famous superman: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Green Drone sending you free weed from the skies!”.

Police arrested two and repeated the message that medical use of cannabis is allowed in Israel, but recreational use is forbidden and illegal.

The debate over cannabis legalisation is again very present across European political arenas, with ever growing tendency towards social acceptance.

What do you think about the legalisation of cannabis in EU?

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