Turchia e Israel: nove accordos maritime

🇪🇺 Post annos de apprehensiones, Turchia e Israel labora a nove vias pro restabilir lor ligamines economic. Le corde del negotiation es un plano maritime que redistribuerea le mar inter illos.

Le proposition connecterea directemente le ZEE (zona economic exclusive) israelita al sector turc; ben que, interea, etiam altiante un barricada inter Cypro e le resto del Union Europee.

Sia Turchia sia Israel obtenerea significative territorios subaquee que on pensa esser ric de hydrocarburos.

In plus le duo potentias regional laborarea in tandem pro rediriger oleoductos verso vias plus efficiente pro le costos.

Como sempre in geopolitica: le regulas vale solo pro qui non pote permitter se alie regulas.

Le nove ligamento al Oleoducto Transanatolic

Iste accordo maritime detene promissas strategic et economic pro ambe partes, quamquam le costo geopolitic es alte.

Le accordo violarea le actual consenso international vigente e reconfigurarea le Mar Mediterranee oriental, in le immediate peripheria del UE.


🇬🇧 After years of diplomatic apprehensions, Turkey and Israel are working on new ways to restore their economic ties. The heart of the negotiations is a maritime plan that would redistribute the sea in between them.

The proposal would directly connect the Israeli exclusive economic zone with the Turkish sector; although, in the process, also barricading Cyprus from the rest of the European Union.

Both the Turks and Israelis would gain significant underwater territories which are presumed to be rich in hydrocarbons. In addition the two regional powers would work together on redirecting pipelines towards more cost-effective routes.

Like always in Geopolitics: rules only apply to those who cannot afford different rules.

The new maritime deal holds strategic and economic promise for both sides, however the geopolitical costs are high. The deal would violate the already existing international consensus and reshape the Eastern Mediterranean, in the EU’s immediate periphery.

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